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Here at The Young Sustainability Network (TYSN) we empower people to navigate and thrive in sustainability professions. The world more than ever needs change-makers like you.
Why join the network

Why join the network?

get Inspired

We host events and interviews with sustainability professionals and experts to help you take informed decisions about your career.

A Global Community For Local Impact

A global community for local impact

Justin Dunn.png

Justin Dunn
San Francisco, USA

To me, sustainability is about people; it is just as much about ensuring everyone is provided for, nurtured, and cared about as it is about the future of the earth itself. 

Alice Ervaz.jpeg

Alice Ervaz
Basel, Switzerland

The most exciting thing about the sustainability space is that it’s still very much under development and the possibilities to bring sizable impact are innumerable.

Xavier Fernandez.jpeg

Xavier Fernandez
Manila, Philippines

A degree program clearly branded with "sustainability" is not the only way for you to break into the space.

We partner with local organizations including academia, industry associations and non-profits to increase awareness around sustainability careers. Interested in partnering with us? Contact us!

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